We are open to receiving manuscripts in the following formats on a rolling basis: novels and novellas; short stories; poetry; non fiction; radio, theater and TV; narrative and experimental film and new media; installations, exhibitions and performances.

As we continuously expand our roster, we are happy to find a place for different texts and concepts.

We will be launching open calls for submissions for more targeted manuscripts and projects.

Please send all manuscript related correspondences to

Don't necessarily send the manuscript in double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font. Find a comfortable format for the work which suits your vision. We want to see the work that you see. 


We are looking to collaborate with writers, artists, thinkers and creative practitioners in a variety of different project formats including digital, installations and performances. If you have something in mind or would like simply to reach out, please do. Send an email to explaining the purpose of your interest and we will get right back to you!



Barakunan offers creative consultancy work in the following domains: 

copywriting; narrative design; graphic design; digital content production; video production; video editing; sound design, brand strategy; industry research; manuscript assessment/developmental edit; scriptwriting.

Barakunan has provided creative consultancy work to companies, organizations and individuals working across literature, film production, cultural exhibition, civil and political advocacy, entertainment and nightlife, individual artists and collectives, and nongovernmental organizations of a diverse nature. We are happy to provide references and a portfolio of work upon request.

Please reach out to for such creative services. 



Questions about ordering Barakunan books, please email



Barakunan licenses subsidiary rights to our titles in many formats. Please direct paperback, foreign, audio, film/TV, and other subsidiary rights inquiries to