Barakunan is an independent publishing house and media collective. 

Working with literature, audio and video, we are a dynamic entity that operates on various media fronts - including a digital literature festival, a growing roster of print books and various installations, performances and exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.

Look out for our printed novels, digital audiobooks and podcasts, and other exciting products in our shop. We will continue to increase listings in our website as we expand into new analog and digital formats. 

First conceived as a serial literature and world building franchise, Barakunan's work often deals in the following genres and forms: speculative fiction, creative non fiction, agency oriented poetry, political theory, serial literature and drama, social and civilization studies, family, coming of age and domestic dramas and matters of the heart. 

Topics of interest include personal and collective identity and notions of belonging; nostalgia for homelands and "heimats" lost; transnational resistance and the struggle against oppression; literatures of personal and collective resistance; the collective unconscious and notions of cultural myth and mythmaking; propaganda and the production of media surrounding political groupings, theories and ideological goals; coming of age and queer self reckoning; unrequited love; gender theory as body metaphysics; collective disillusionment in an age of despair; matters of the modern "Geist".