We’re delighted to announce the launch of Bara Digital, a digital publishing imprint focused on podcasts, audiobooks, and ebooks. 


Each release will see the release of an audiobook and ebook of a writer’s work. The first round of releases will feature writers signed onto our roster in our last open call. 

Audiobooks will be available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp and downloadable on the Barakunan webshop. Manuscripts are free to download. 


Each piece will be supplemented by a podcast episode built around the writer’s work, featuring an interview between Barakunan and the author. Interspersed between the main interviews will be extrasensory materials: addresses, readings, shorter interviews, monologues. 

Podcasts will be available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music. 


Episode 1 features Savyasachi Anju Prabir presenting his personal essay and narrated bv the author himself, My Room as a Cosmopolis: Spatial and Temporal Third Spaces [within the confines of four walls], written between Berlin and Goa during the early lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

“The piece is a textual and visual exploration of identity and belonging rooted in India and growing beyond South Asia. The essay attempts to demystify concepts of post-coloniality through a reflexive and autoethnographic lens. The text works as a seamless interwoven body that traverses social and cultural scenarios by situating journal entries, culinary practice, film, and art practice within the academic framework. It begins with the intention of recreating a home lost in time and space, and then advances on questioning the very idea of it.”

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This audiobook is the first in a series. To listen to the accompanying podcast for this audiobook, use one of the following links:


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This page will be updated with news of current releases.