The Case for Bara: AMERICAN TERROR

The Case for Bara: AMERICAN TERROR

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NEW RELEASE: September 2021 

Marking the 20th anniversary of the beginning of America’s War on Terror, we bring you the second release in Barakunan’s The Case for Bara series: American Terror. 

The work can be described as a detailed political look at current geopolitical fragmentation in the world, making the case that much of the devastation we face is the result of the nefarious agenda of the American Empire. 

A fragmented international system, the collapse of resources and provisions for populations, the highest number of refugees and displaced peoples on record, deteriorating respect for global institutions and the complete abandonment of international norms are the price we pay for American adventurism. 

Zahreddine, ever the optimist, observes this world and responds by suggesting that, given all that has transpired, the current situation we find ourselves in is an invitation to work together to enrich our imagination and strengthen our position in society. 

A roundup of 21st century politics and the circumstances that necessitate a call to arms, Zahreddine’s American Terror compounds the environmental and socio-political conditions and degeneration of collective spirit that led us to this crux. Setting the path for the Third Way, the following text expounds the ingredients for a Total Revolution. 

Formatted in concise propositions, explicatory corollaries, and a glossary of terms, American Terror unfolds as an urgent missive calling for Total Revolution - that is; complete and constant transformation of systems of the self, the collective, and the political.  

It is the second book in The Case for Bara series - a collection of texts that delve into holistic, alternative readings of contemporary politics, identity, metaphysics, and language. 

The Martyrs, the first the Case for Bara series, was released in January 2019. You can find it in our store.