Open call for manuscripts!

Deadline to submit: June 15

Barakunan is seeking submissions for its print and digital roster in the following categories:


  1. Speculative Fiction
  2. Family Drama
  3. Urban Thriller
  4. Pastoral
  5. Historical Fiction
  6. Bildungsroman


  1. Poetry


  1. Radical Prose
  2. Literary Criticism
  3. Speculative & Critical Theory
  4. History, Sociology & Anthropology
  5. Psychology, the Human Experience, the Mind-Body Construct
  6. Creative Nonfiction 

Publications will be presented in the following formats: 

3 will be chosen for print & digital release in 2022

3 will be chosen for digital release in 2021

7 will be chosen for digital release in 2022

Print refers to a product published as a print object. 

Digital refers to any of the following in one or a combination of: ebook, audiobook, radioplay, multimedia, film or TV, gaming, or augmented reality format. 

Authors will be offered a contract offering royalties or an advance, dependent on the scale of the project, upon acceptance into the program.

For shorter works, see our regular submissions guidelines on our contact page. 

Deadline to submit: June 15

Please send works