"How to walk through a labyrinth" @ Mosaic Rooms London

"Moonship Dispatch: The Martyr Al Hakima" premiered as part of a digital reading series hosted at the Mosaic Rooms in London, curated by Kayfa Ta, and was most recently featured in the Arab Film Fest Collab film festival hosted by Mizna Art, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Join these conversations and readings on How to walk through a labyrinth presented by Kayfa ta for the Futures program of @themosaicrooms. Dreams, Radio, Homeland and World – some of the tangible or conceptual spaces that we wandered in these times of confinement. Each of these spaces is informed by personal and collective histories, that may have come to surface more clearly in these times – exposing their and our own ability to sustain or rethink our present. 
https://mosaicrooms.org/event/how-to-walk-through-a-labyrinth/ #titleborrowed from Amr Ezzat’s “How to remember your dreams”