Moonship Dispatch 1 @Beirut Art Center

Snippets from Moonship Dispatch 🚀 at @beirutartcenter!

We crash landed in @beirutartcenter’s theater on August 28, 2019 for a performance featuring an electrified reading of Barakunan texts accompanied by @jadatoui’s grave thunder on modulars!

This event was part of ‘How to Reappear: Between the Quivering Leaves of Independent Publishing’, an exhibition and program curated by @kayfa_ta.

We were really happy to see the theater so packed 🥰 Hope you enjoyed it!
Hugest thanks to @kayfa_ta and the @beirutartcenter team for the opportunity to share our work.
I am the light inside your armour.
I am a seed in your palm.
I am a universe, and yours!

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